Jazzband 1960
Our Jazz Band
Practice session in one of our "music rooms" at boarding school
Director Krischan complained about "The Noise"

From Left to right:

Hans ("Janosch") Radlberger, clarinet

Gerald ("Gerd") Raisp, drums

Peter Panholzer ("Pan"), piano

Michael ("Mike") Schwarz, trombone

Guenther Dietrich, contra bass

Peter ("Willi") Biberschick, trumpet

Our jazzband in Paris before a party in front of a house on a big boulevard jalbum
Our jazz band
in front of our boarding school quarters
In order to earn some money, we had to offer "dance music" instead of jazz (although jazz is great to dance to)

C'est Si Bon
La Cucaracha
Tea for Two
Tutti Frutti
Mack the Knife
Besame Mucho
Sail Along Silv'ry Moon
I am in the Mood for Love
All of Me
Petite Fleur
Ramona Ramona Ramona

Jazzband 1961 at graduation ball
our jazz band
at a school graduation ball

Basin Street Blues
Muskrat Ramble
When the Saints Go Marching In
Moonlight in Vermont
On the Sunny Side of the Street
Saint Louis Blues
Oh Lady Be Good
In the Mood
Mack the Knife
Moonlight Serenade
Memories of You
Bea jazzband05
jam session
at our graduation ball

clarinet: "Max" Sterrer
(two years ahead of us)

vibraphone: Eckhart Weikmann
(also two classes ahead of us)

trombone: Michael ("Mike") Schwarz

trumpet: Peter ("Willi") Biberschick
Caveau de la Huchette
Paris 1960
Listen here

Maxim Saury, clarinet
Jean-Claude Naude, trumpet
Michel Camicas, trombone
Gérard Raingo, piano
Guy Ray, bass
Robert Peguet, drums

Michel Camicas passed away in December 2018
I am in touch with his English born widow, Elisabeth (née Bacon)

The daughter of Maxim Saury (1928-2012) Julie Saury followed in her father's footsteps, has her own jazzband, but instead of the clarinet she plays - - - the drums.
eckhart weikmann

In 1959 "Max" Sterrer purchased a Selmer clarinet with the help of Maxim SAURY from the Caveau de la Huchette in Paris, which we picked up during our Paris stay in 1960.
He subsequently entered a career as marine biologist in Bermuda and recently moved to Kent.

Dr. Dr. Eckhart Weikmann gave up the vibraphone and now plays the guitar, writes poems and lives in a resort in Burgenland (Austria), where he is/was also the head of the hospital ("Primarius")

Listen Wolfgang "Max" Sterrer still playing his clarinet in 2010
Steinbach 1961

"Auf Tournee"

Steinbach am Attersee

und Altaussee

Sommer 1960
Our decimated jazz band in Vienna
(after graduation split us all up)

from left to right:
Peter ("Pan") Panholzer, piano
Thomas Lauringer (clarinet)
[not remembered] (bass)
Gerald ("Gerd") Raisp (drums) not visible

Thomas Lauringer's family were refugees from Budapest after the Hungarian Uprising and the Russian invasion in 1956

I played on upright piano (in Austrian: 'Pianino') of Fritz & Sohn, established in 1801, featuring 'Wiener Mechanik' with more direct action of the hammer to the strings. The 'Wiener Mechanik' with its harder sound was more suitable for playing expressive jazz.
many years later

at Jazzland, Vienna
many years later

at Jazzland, Vienna

Richard Panholzer, listener